Monday, December 22, 2008


caUSE co-MOTION is a band I've heard a lot about, but have heard little by ("Which Way Is Up?," "Only Fades Away" and maybe a couple others). They have 7" singles but I've been living off student loans since I started college and am almost perpetually broke or speedily approaching it.

They are "garage-y." They're another great indie pop band from NYC. They're fun. Also, their songs are short, which I love. Super pop packed into one to two minutes of frenetic happiness.

There's MP3s on their website, including the aforementioned "Which Way Is Up?" which is really great. I have not had the good fortune to see them play live yet, but look forward to that opportunity coming to me EVENTUALLY.

They have a singles compilation on Slumberland Records, collecting various records on labels like What's Yr Rupture? and some stuff I've never heard of before. They're also on a bunch of compilations with other bands, but I wouldn't know anything about that.

Here's them doing "Who's Gonna Care?" at Death By Audio a little of a year ago:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Teenage Spastic Love Explosion 12/10/08

Teenage Spastic Love Explosion (Wednesdays at 9 PM) Playlist for Dec. 10th, 2008
WPSR - Purchase Student Radio, 1610 AM,

Heavenly - "C Is The Heavenly Option" - Le Jardin De Heavenly - 1992
The Shop Assistants - "I Don't Want to Be Friends With You" - Will Anything Happen - 1986
Vivian Girls - "No" - Vivian Girls - 2008
Times New Viking - "Come Together" - Rip It Off - 2008

[Music Beneath DJ: Leanord Nimoy - Music to Watch Space Girls By - Spaced Out! 2005]

Tyvek - "Air Conditioner" - Fast Metabolism - 2007
The Dils - "Class War" - Dangerhouse Singles - 199?
Old Table - "Mental Horse" - The Animal Trilogy - 2005
Joy Division - "She's Lost Control" (12" Version) - Heart and Soul

Eugene Mirman - a phone conversation with a homophobic phone company
The Fast - "Unisex Haircut" - The Best of the Fast: 1976-1984
Measles Mumps Rubella - "Libra Science" - Fantastic Success - 2005
Casiotone For the Painfully Alone - "Young Shields" - Etiquette - 2006

The Cure - "I Want to Be Old" - Rarities 1977-1979 bootleg
Mission of Burma w/ David Hild - "Pancake House" - a live radio bootleg
Leanord Nimoy - "Highly Illogical" - Spaced Out! - 2005
The Kinks - "I Got My Feet on the Ground" - Kinda Kinks - 1965

All Girl Summer Fun Band - "Grass Skirt" - Summer of '98 - 2003
Dear Nora - "On To September" - The New Year E.P.
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - "Everything With You" - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - 2009

Monday, December 8, 2008

Best Friends Forever

Ah, Best Friends Forever. I saw them play at the Whitson's Memorial Greeting Hall in the Student Center at Purchase with my friends No One and the Somebodies.

I had no real expectations since I didn't even really know the show was going on until someone called me to let me know NOATS was around. I remember being at a Japanther show about three years ago and someone was wearing one of their t-shirts and the name stuck in my head. I also heard some rumblings about them on the Internet somewhere (probably the K Records message board...) and that they were supposed to be really good.

I was actually somehow not that into the show as my friends had been, but I think I was in a bad mood. The girl who's setting up shows this year arranged for everyone to make friendship bracelets for each other during BFF's set and I, anti-social and angry bum that I can be sometimes (not always), got the fuck out of there.

However, their CDs were five bucks (thanks you, Plan-It-X!) and they seemed charming (also the bass player is really cute and I wanted to talk to her (I didn't get to)), so I bought both of them.

The CDs are pretty incredible. I prefer the first one (Best Friends Forever), I think, a compilation of seven inches and EPs and I think compilation tracks from 2003-2008. The second one (Romance Conflict Adventure) is also great. I recommend checking out all the songs on their Myspace.

Here's them doing a song whose name I forget:

Friday, December 5, 2008

Teenage Spastic Love Explosion 12/04/08

Teenage Spastic Love Explosion (Wednesdays at 9 PM) Playlist for Dec. 4th, 2008
WPSR - Purchase Student Radio, 1610 AM,

The Up Set - A Melody For Melanie - Making a Connection With the Ground - 2007
Japanther - Public Square - Dump the Body in Rikki Lake - 2003
Jeffrey Lewis - Poseur (Schwervon! cover) - Gas Money Tour EP - 2005

My Bloody Valentine - Strawberry Wine - Strawberry Wine EP - 1987
Geoff&Aria - Blue Shield
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Everything With You - Everything With You 7" - 2008
Lilys - Claire Hates Me - In The Presence of Nothing - 1992

Eric's Trip - Stupidest Thing - Forever Again - 1994
Old Table - Victims of Love - '06 - 2006
Heavenly - I Fell in Love Last Night - Heavenly Vs. Satan - 1991
Revillos - Where's the Boy for Me? - Rev Up! - 1980

caUSE co-MOTION - Which Way Is Up? - Which Way is Up? 7" - 2003?
Sunshine Fix - You Won't Be - A Spiraling World of Pop - 1993
Henry's Dress - Target Practice - Bust 'Em Green - 1995
Polaris - She Is Staggering - Music From The Adventures of Pete and Pete - 1999

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

People talk about this band quite a bit right now, it seems to me, so I'm behind on this one. Also, I'm not very good at coming up with things to say, so this is probably going to seem awkwardly blunt.

This is yet another article on a music blog about the Pains of Being Pure at Heart. An indie pop band from NYC who probably remind me of My Bloody Valentine the most (pre-Loveless, most especially EPs like Ecstasy or Sunny Sundae Smile) with their heavy distorted guitars and catchy melodies sung with the enthusiasm of a little kid who just got out of school for the summer and is also in love (but they also have this deep-but-not-too-deep atmospheric sound that goes really well with walking around metropolis in the cold winter).

This is my favorite kind of band, which is the kind that lets me jump up and down over and over again, singing along out loud. My favorite songs? Probably: "Doing All The Things That Wouldn't Make Your Parents Proud," "Everything With You," and "Young Adult Friction."

"Everything With You" is available for download on their Myspace page, along with "Come Saturday," another great one (all of them are great ones). They currently have an EP and three singles and I believe an LP is expected in early 2009 on the ineffable Slumberland Records (can't wait).

Here's them doing "This Love Is Fucking Right":

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hey, it's been less than a year since my last post.

And here I am. Crazy.

I want to post more crap here. The radio show has pretty much been on hiatus for the past month since my computer's been busted. I've been playing stuff like Retsin, the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Rock*A*Teens, the Mice, and Kate Bush or something. I'll post the last two sets which I'm pretty sure I still have written down somewhere.

I should tell you about bands, maybe. So here's one that I like:

The Up Set are from Middle River, Maryland. A place of which I've never heard. But the music is pretty fantastic. Especially "A Melody For Melanie." At some point recently I played the song very loudly by myself in my dorm room late at night and jumped up and down out of enjoyment.

They seem to have a record called "Making Contact With The Ground" which I haven't got, but intend on picking up at some point.

check it out.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kevin Has Been Neglecting This Blog (Set from 3/4/08)

Les Thugs - Birds of Ill Omen - Still Hungry - 1990 - Sub Pop
Lilys - Threw a Day - In the Presence of Nothing - 1991 - SpinART
Old Table - New Table - '06 - 2006 - Intellectual Bird
Jeffrey Lewis - Three-Quarter Moon - Indie Rock Fortune Cookie - 2001 - Self-Released

Courtney Love - Baseball Bat - One Last Kiss - 1992 - SpinART
Talulah Gosh - In Love For The Very First Time - Backwash - 1996 - K
Sonic Youth - Loudmouth - Hold That Tiger - 198? - Live Bootleg
Neptune - A Car is a Weapon - Intimate Lightning - 2004 - Mister/100% Breakfast

Juliana Hatfield - My Pet Lion - Made in China - 2005 - Ye Olde Records
Moldy Peaches - Lucky Number 9 - Moldy Peaches - 2001 - Rough Trade
Dear Nora - Everyone's the Same - We'll Have A Time - 2001 - Magic Marker
The Manhattan Love Suicides - Suzy Jones - The Manhattan Love Suicides - 2006 - Magic Marker

Hella - Been a Long Time Cousin - Hold Your Horse Is - 2002 - 5 Rue Christine
Q and Not U - So Many Animal Calls - Different Damage - 2002 - Dischord
Xiu Xiu - Sad Cory-O-Grapher - If The Twenty-First Century Didn't Exist, It Would Be Necessary To Invent It - 2002 - 5 Rue Christine

The Revelons - The Way (You Touch My Hand) - Anthology - 2004 - Sepia Tone
Hüsker Dü - Celebrated Summer - New Day Rising - 1985 - SST
Modest Mouse - Never-Ending Math Equation - Building Nothing Out of Something - 2000 - Up

That's all I have to say right now.